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Alula Boutique Containers

Alula Boutique Containers was ready to jumpstart her business idea and needed an identity. We worked together to develop a brand that resonates with her customers and potential clients.

Ironseele 4.jpg

Ironseele is a creative agency who understands the value of providing the full gamut of services to meet the needs of business. They took the time to get to know me; my business goals; the services I offer; and most important, what I needed to increase sales. My new logo is not just a pretty picture – it is my brand. It is me. It reflects my values, what I do, and how I do it. Ironseele led the progression from brand development to visual proofs; through production, printing, and delivery. While they were busy doing what they do best, I could do what I do best – play with dirt and get my ya-yas with plants.

Cora Morrison, CPH

Founder/Creative Director

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